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Manpower Recruiting Consultant started its journey in recruitment World from the year 1993. The long journey was not the bed of roses; it had to face many changes in recruitment scenario.

The Boom of recruitment in Semi skilled workers changed to highly skilled workers bringing forth New Job Parameters. India has now emerged as third largest Pool of Skilled Manpower. The Indian workers team has provided a solid support system, and it has become a profitable investment option yielding high dividend in all the spheres. There are millions of projects across the world that stands as concrete testimonial to Indian capabilities. The Indians have contributed to building up the modern world as we see today. Indian Manpower has passed successfully all the test of knowledge, workability and efficiency.

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Years of experience

From years of experience we have come to know that every company has its own culture, value and expectations from all its employees. And this has made Outsourcing of manpower a complex job and this has doubled the responsibility of a recruiting agent. As Firstly it has to provide skilled manpower to their clients and secondly provide good opportunity to the candidates.

Our emphasis is very much on our client’s success, as we believe ‘The right man at the right place & The right place for the right man. As the growth of a company depends totally on the quality of manpower it possesses. And because of this recruitment becomes one of the most critical decision, a company has to make.

QUBA INTERNATIONAL SERVICES have a mission to provide highly talented human resources from India in a reliable and professional manner.

QUBA INTERNATIONAL SERVICES are committed to accesses you to skilled, Trained, Educated, Hardworking and loyal Manpower within the stipulated time frame.

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